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13.8 Adventurer vs. Denizen Combat

When you wish to fight a denizen, you may, generally, initiate combat with it
simply by finding it and attacking it with whatever ability you choose to use.

Most abilities that do something other than just cause damage will not work
against denizens. The reason for this requires some understanding of how
adventurer vs. adventurer combat works, but for now suffice it to say that
creating an artificial intelligence that allowed denizens to effectively deal
with the hundreds of things an adventurer can do to another adventurer would be
prohibitively complicated.

Once you have attacked a denizen, it will, in most cases, either attack you
back, or run away. Usually a denizen will continue to attack you until either
it begins to panic and runs away, or until you or it is dead. Be warned that
some denizens may loot your corpse of an item or two after they have killed

As you attack denizens, you will gain rage, which is a resource to fuel
powerful abilities against your foe. HELP BATTLERAGE will provide more details
about these attacks and the gaining and spending of rage.

Critical hits
Higher experience levels provide the benefit of critical hits, which will
come more often as you rise farther. The five levels of critical hit are:

CRITICAL                          : 2x damage
CRUSHING CRITICAL                 : 4x damage
OBLITERATING CRITICAL             : 8x damage
WORLD-SHATTERING CRITICAL         : 32x damage