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4.13.6 Achaean Pronunciation

Achaean pronunciation is not always what you might expect. Here are a few
examples to get you going in the right direction:

   Achaea     - uh-KAY-uh       (the AY sound rhymes with PAY)
   Sarapis    - SARA-piss       
   Neraeos    - Ner-AY-oss      (rhymes with "Her ray moss")
   Aegis      - AY-jiss         (the AY sound rhymes with PAY)

   Ashtan     - ASH-tan         (rhymes with "CASH man")
   Cyrene     - SIGH-reen       (rhymes with "MY spleen")
   Hashan     - hah-SHAHN       (rhymes with "catan")
   Eleusis    - eh-LEE-OO-sis   (rhymes with "eh? lieu kiss")
   Mhaldor    - MAHL-door       (rhymes with "Tall boar")
   Targossas  - tar-GOH-sis     (rhymes with "car go miss")

   Sewer      - SOO-ur          (sounds like "BLUE-fur")

   Tizane     - Tih-zane        (rhymes with "hiss zane")
   Asztrik    - ah-s-trick      (rhymes with "pass-trick")
   Gerzson    - Gerr-zh-on      (rhymes with "fur-z*on")
                                (*"z" as in "azure")
   Prioska    - Pree-OWE-SH-kah (rhymes with "tea ghost ma")
   Kx'Khrah   - kuks-KH-RAH     ("kh" is like the German "ch" in "Achtung!")
                                (the "u" is really an unstressed "schwa")
   Tsol'aa    - SOL-ahh
   Humgii     - Humm-gee        (the "g" is soft, as in "orange")

Doubtless many more could be given. This is just a sample.