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18.12 Delosian Eagles

Delosian Eagles are earned through victory in ranked combat spars (see HELP ARENA and HELP COMBAT for an overview). Amassing enough of these through successive victories will allow you to purchase special wares from the Eagle's Perch!

This shop is located off the arena spectator stands in Delos, and offers seven unique wares for sale:

a brawny, sharp-tusked mastodon - 60 Eagles
This legendary quality mount will serve you loyally until it dies and can be used to TRAMPLE your foes provided you have the ability. This mount can be collared!

an oaken vial - 10 Eagles
This vial contains a unique brand of warpaint which, when applied, adds a unique message to your description when others LOOK at you. This message differs based on your current combat ranking!

a starmetal helm - 99 Eagles
Wear this helm, and whenever you kill another player, the deathsight will be customised based on your combat ranking.

a miniature stone statue - 40 Eagles
DROP this statue in a location and for the next hour, it will report to you the name of any person entering or exiting. The statue is destroyed after this hour elapses, cannot be repositioned once dropped, and does not pierce phasing.

a thirsty faced urn - 99 Eagles
DROP this urn in a room that's magically flooded to drain the water. After fifteen seconds, the urn will then spit the water back out, flooding the location again. The user can SEAL URN to trigger this early and retrieve the urn. 3 minute cooldown.

a token of Phileo - 3 Eagles
RUB this token to consume it, and your next arena match will cost no gold.

the blade of the Slayer - 150 Eagles
For the true masters of combat, with this blade in your inventory, your killing blows have a chance to bypass the STARBURST defence. Only one of these blades can exist in the realm at once, and when another purchases one, any others are destroyed!

NOTE: None of these items can be made non decaying or resetting with the exception of the mastodon mount.

NOTE: None of these items can be resold in shops.