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12.15.2 The Underworld

In the depths of the planar multiverse, pierced by the lowest roots of the world tree, Yggdrasil, lies the Underworld of myth and legend. Home to the soulbleed, that energy which is lost when a living being dies, it is the dwelling place of the legions of the undead. Ruled over by King Ugrach and his lieutenants, the five remaining Ur'Vampires, the Underworld is perhaps the most dangerous place in existence for a living being. Nearly every being in this foul plane, from the lowly skeleton warrior to the death knights that guard Lord Ugrach, craves the life energy to which soulbleed is inexorably bound in all living things. 

It's rumoured that at least two types of extremely powerful artefacts may be obtained in the Underworld, but given the propensity the living have for dying there, perhaps you would be better off staying away.

The Underworld is considered to be a "Treacherous Plane." Simply being there puts you at risk of being attacked by anyone, for any reason - or no reason at all. Once you leave the lawlessness of the Underworld, however, you may not seek retribution for what happened there.