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8.2.15 The House of the Dread Legates

Sworn to enforce the will of the Lord of Evil, the Dread Legates relentlessly 
hone their skills, administering their primal, unyielding interpretation of His 
Seven Truths to the masses beyond the walls of their unholy Isle.
Ruthless and inexorable in their actions, the Legates comprise a visceral 
military force, slaughtering the meek and feeble that infect not only this 
world, but all others. With little regard for the lesser ideologies of heathens 
and fools, each Legate soldier charts an iniquitous crusade against the ignorant 
blasphemy of the weak, savagely preaching the infallible Word of their God. 

Few resist the barrage of oral and physical assaults; the weak break, invariably submitting to His will or casting their lives aside in only the most brutal and torturous fashion.
They are the scythe and the firestorm, culling the frail and cauterising 
imperfection that Creation may advance without the cancer of ineptitude plaguing
all too many among the timorous herd.
"In the end the strong will persist, the weak will have been culled, and the 
Malevolent One will sit upon His throne with His Legion beside Him."