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8.2.17 The Harbingers of Redemption

"Let us walk among Creation, and illuminate the infallible Truth to the realm:
that no mortal soul is beyond redemption, and that all may be saved and return
to Good once more."  - Halos Vorondil, the first Herald of Redemption.

Esoteric scholars, inspirational speakers and the healers of flesh, mind and
soul find their home in the Harbingers of Redemption, hailing from the radiant
city of Targossas. Called to bolster and renew all those who serve Good, the
Harbingers espouse the values of Clemency, Succour, and Deliverance, letting
the fires of their zealous faith shine forth to spread Good's benevolence unto
all of Creation. It is they who strive to see the fallen returned once more
unto the Light through their learned ministrations and their mastery of written
and spoken verse.

Theologians of the Bloodsworn foremost, the Harbingers of Redemption preach
Their will to all, be they internal or external to the Dawnspear. They are
astute educators and spiritual leaders, mending Creation's ailments in the act
of banishing ignorance and preaching the tenets of Good, Light, and
Righteousness to the masses. Only those who truly believe and thrive within
their core tenets are welcomed within their ranks, for the duty of a Harbinger
is not a light one to bear: their responsibility is great, for through only
their own ministry they must further the work of Good itself within the realm
lest ignorance claim and condemn the poor and pitiful unenlightened.