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21.7 High Clans


High Clan status is reserved for clans that are strictly in-character and add
to the depth of Achaea's roleplay. These are the current benefits that High
Clans will receive:

- Ability for the clan leader to title clan members.
- Ability to declare organisational relations with other RP orgs.
- High Clans will not count towards your max clan slots.
- Listing in a help scroll for High Clans.

- HIGHCLAN LIST will show existing High Clans.

Minimum requirements to become a High Clan
- The clan leader must post a clearly stated IC mission statement/clan charter,
  similar to the help scrolls for a House, in the clan's news post. This 
  charter should contain, at minimum, the RP goals of the clan and the methods
  by which the clan intends to achieve those goals. The goals and methods may 
  evolve during the clan's lifespan, but any significant changes may result in
  loss of the High Clan status pending a new application.

- The clan must operate under that charter for at least 5 Achaean years after 
  the posting of said charter.

- The clan must, of course, be a strictly IC one, with no OOC communication 
  permitted on its channel or newsboard.

- The clan must have at minimum ten members who are active within the clan.

- The clan head must have at least 500 hours played.

- No secret clans.

What will improve a clan's chances of being designated a High Clan?
- A mutual affiliation with an existing RP organisation such as a city, House,
  Divine Order, et cetera.

- Clan leader and members with strong, consistent, established roleplaying 
  history. If your rolepoints are often docked because you have a 
  predilection for shouting RL pop song lyrics, your clan is probably not 
  going to be approved.

- Existing history as a consistent and active RP clan prior to the availability
  of this designation.

Application process
- The clan leader must submit an email to with this
1. The name of your clan.
2. Your character's name.
3. The article # of the post in the clan news section with the clan's mission
4. Any background information about the clan as relevant.

- Wait at least one RL month for the processing of the application and review 
  of the clan.

- You will receive notice of approval or rejection. If rejected, you may not 
  apply again for a period of at least 2 RL months.

- You may email in advance if you have questions about the
  content of your mission statement.