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12.17.18 The City of Nur

The depths of Origin. Towering spires of supernal majesty. The light of
unrivalled stars upon cosmic eventides. All this and more lies waiting in Nur,
the City Forever, lost home of the Aldar. Built by the Firstborn of the Gods in
a time long since lost to memory for all but the Eldest Divinities, the seven
rings of the Cosmic Cycle rotate endlessly about the blazing empyreal currents
of Saar-elan, silhouetted by the magnificence of Starfall and the River Eternity.

Abandoned in the years following the Chaos Wars and the departure of the Aldar to
a distant plane, nevermore to be troubled by mortal or God under Logosian Decree,
Nur was left to its own devices, eternally awaiting the return of absent masters.
Led inside its gates shortly after the fall of the Seleucarian Empire, for
centuries did the angelic cohort of Zafikel experiment within Nur, profaning its
ancient strictures in their attempts to turn Saar-elan to their own purposes.
When events transpired to conjure the fall of  through the eaves of Yggdrasil in
the year 788 AF, the resultant Unmaking permitted adventurers to at last
penetrate its sacred boundaries, witnessing for themselves the wonders lost with
the departure of the Eldest Race.