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19.5.2 Classleads

What is a classlead report:
An avenue to suggest a change or addition to a skill or ability in the game.

What is NOT a classlead report:
It is not an avenue to submit a bug. If you want to file a bug, use the BUG

Who can submit classlead reports:
Any player who meets the following criteria:
- Has played more than 50 hours.
- Is relatively active in the realms.
- Has more than the equivalent of one transcendent skill spent in lessons.

How do I submit a classlead report:
When submissions are open you may CLASSLEAD NEW <skill> <ability> to create a
new report. This will inform you if it has been successful, and give you a
report# to use for further modification. If you are not submitting a problem
with an existing skill, please use "NEW" as the ability name.

From here, you will need to fill in the details of the report, using the
report# you were given:
 - Use this to describe the problem with the ability. The more concise
   you can be, the higher the chances of the report being actioned.

- CLASSLEAD <#> SOLUTION <1-3> <text>
 - List up to 3 solutions to the problem, again, be as concise as
   possible. You do not need to flesh out every detail, we will contact
   you further in the event your report is actioned if we need more

 - Submits your classlead report. Once this is done, it becomes locked
   for editing, and becomes accessible to any player to look over.

-- Note: You may only have five (5) classlead reports at any time, per
   cycle. If you do not SUBMIT your classleads, they will not be considered
   as a part of the current cycle.

More handy commands:

 - Show a refined list of classlead reports.

 - List classleads you have either endorsed or censured.

 - Show a classlead report in full.

- CLASSLEAD <#> SKILL <skill>
- CLASSLEAD <#> ABILITY <ability>
 - Reassign an existing report's skill and ability.

 - Delete one of your own reports.

What happens next?:
Classleads run in cycles: There will be a period of open submission, followed
by a review period where no new classleads can be submitted. During this time
of review, players can CLASSLEAD <#> ENDORSE <reason> or CLASSLEAD <#> CENSURE
<reason> any and all submitted reports - allowing players to add their support
to a suggestion, or to disagree with the proposal. The same restrictions apply
to endorsing and censuring as they do to submitting a report.

After this review period, the Garden and ACC will review the submitted reports
and implement those which are accepted.

Notes from Administration:
The classlead system is one that acts on maturity and level-headedness. Players
who choose to abuse the system, or other players based on their ideas and
submissions will face administrative punishment - up to, and including the
permanent loss of your character(s).