Built to Scale

Over the past few weeks, we’ve made a number of tweaks to foray balancing in one direction or another, mostly as a result of fixing bugs that negatively affected play experiences in both directions, with some bosses being far too difficult and others being comparable to the Imp Lord (long may he reign).

Foray scaling has long been an issue that we’ve had to tiptoe around due to our previous scaling system, with minor tweaks to make things more suitable for one group making them entirely impossible to complete for another group. In many cases, it made lower-level players an active detriment to a foray group, and almost entirely excluded non-dragons from any sort of meaningful contribution.

There was also a large discrepancy between the difficulty of different forays, to the point where some forays could be attempted with a full team of dragons artied to the teeth performing without mistakes, and would still fall apart due to factors out of the players’ control.

Today, we’ve made a slew of changes to the foray experience that should bring all these things (and a number of other inconveniences) in line, meaning that forays should be far more accessible and consistent, while still offering a suitable level of difficulty. We’ll be monitoring foray performance over the coming days to make further (hopefully minor) tweaks to the difficulty scaling if necessary.

As it stands currently, forays still retain a level of difficulty, but most have been brought in line to the point where they should be difficult but completable by a well-prepared group, regardless of artefacts, class, or dragonform. Naturally, class abilities, artefacts, and the like will give you advantages in this way or that, but no longer to the same degree, nor should they be required for most forays.

We’ll also be keeping an eye on the discussion and feedback surrounding these changes, both in game and on the forums, so if you feel something is out of place, too difficult, not difficult enough, or if there are other improvements to be made to forays following these changes, feel free to discuss. As always, if you run into things that aren’t working as they should, please feel free to file a BUG, and we will address it as soon as possible.

Happy Hunting!

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