Fortunes and Raffles!

For the next twelve days we’re going to run a raffle and we’ll have some special prizes! We’ll have 7 prizes in this raffle and when it closes we’ll open another raffle for another 12 days to see us to the end of August!

Winners 1 and 2 will be able to work with us to each choose an out of subdivision plot to call their own somewhere in the land!

Winners 3-7 will each win a pack of 50 housing credits!

This raffle will draw on the 19th, and then another raffle will open (with the same prizes!)

But how do you get tickets in this raffle? I’ll tell you!

We’ve brought back the Wheel of Fortune for the rest of August, back with the daily free spins that everyone loves, and with premium spin tokens available on our website!

Raffle tickets will be awarded with every token spin of the wheel!

On top of that, if you have tickets but do not win a prize when the raffle is drawn, each of your non-winning tickets will turn into 2 bound credits.

Good luck!