Psions and Nur!

Prime Exarch Zafikel

Just in time for the holidays, Achaea is immensely proud to unveil the ancient city of Nur, and our 19th class, Psions!

The opening of the City of Nur is one of the largest releases of previously admin-only lore in a very long time. Given its significance to both current and past events, as well as the Mythos that underpins Achaea’s storylines, we knew going into this that we needed a new class due to the way Saar-elan functions.

Psions are our 19th class in Achaea, and there are some things you will recognise and some things you won’t. At its core, it is an affliction class with some damage hybrid aspects. Those of you familiar with other affliction classes should have no issues picking it up, and those of you that aren’t should find it pretty straight forward to learn the basics of.

That said, we’re confident you’ll find some surprises even if you’re IRE veterans, particularly when it comes to some of the teamfighting tools. We look forward to seeing what you all do with it!