From Pygmy Dungeon To Dragon Lair!

The machinations behind the pygmy conspiracy have been slowly unfolding across Sapience, with layers of the dubious plot being revealed for all to investigate. Today, the rotten core of it all and the reward for following to its twisted end is finally brought into the light…

Some of you more astute Achaeans may have noticed hints in a number of announce posts over the summer that a long-standing mystery was one step closer to being solved.

I’m pleased to announce that that mystery is the cultists’ conspiracy and the related kidnappings of newbies by the foul pygmies and the final stages of what we’ve come to internally call “The Dragon Quest” are now complete and available for play! All of a certain age or certain investigatory prowess may pursue these additional stages, eventually unlocking Dragon Lairs!

Dragons lairs act as something of a cross between a club house and a sanctuary for those of a specific (and primary) dragon colour. Each colour has its own lair and this mini-area is shared with all other dragons of your colour, with access granted only to those who completely unravel the cultists’ plot and prove themselves capable of disrupting their operations.

You will find spending too much time inside to be impossible. A mighty dragon can only laze for so long!

Within the lair, you’ll find the dragon hoard! As you might expect, this is a collective treasure hoard, shared by all dragons of your colour. Increasing the reserves of your particular hoard can be done via the HOARD ENDOW command. You will also find that any gold unclaimed due to the gold cap will automatically be sent instead to your hoard, ensuring you never miss out on those coins while on a killing spree!

The hoard’s gold can be used to unlock a number of beneficial perks (via the HOARD INVEST command), including:

– Enhanced endurance regeneration for all within your lair
– Enhanced willpower regeneration for all within your lair
– A bonus to experience conferred upon all your fellow coloured dragons
– A critical hit chance bonus to all dragons of your colour

These are the first in what we anticipate to be a larger pool of upgrades as we monitor reception and usage of the lairs!

Each of these perks is temporary and draws from the hoard to empower. Regular contribution is a must!

Finally, for those of you with a penchant for rankings, RANKINGS ENDOWERS will keep score of which dragon has contributed the most to their hoard across all dragons!

All of this information can also be found in HELP DRAGONLAIR, and the mystery awaits your keen detective eye!