Tabletop Designers Invade Achaea

Four guest contributors bring new stories to a legendary text MUD.


Achaea is collaborating with some of your favourite storytellers and content creators to bring all new adventures into our game! We'll be featuring a sweet new character from Tim Lanning of GeeklyInc, chills and thrills by Markeia McCarty from Hunter's Entertainment, an intricate quest from Aaron Reed (whose ongoing articles covering 50 years of text games are the nerdy cup of tea we've been dying for), and a new story by Mark Rapson of Nighfall Games - the home of SLA Industries!


What are MUDs?

MUD games are the original MMORPGs that take place entirely in text. Before the era of blockbuster MMOs like World of Warcraft, MUDs offered real-time, persistent worlds and incredible multiplayer adventures that inspired innovations and gaming features that continue to define the genre and beyond even today.

In a MUD, your imagination is the real dungeon master. Check out any of our games from the menu at the top of the page!

What do you do?

The text adventure game Achaea consists of over 50,000 locations, from caves to dungeons, to grassy plains and cities, these "rooms" are filled with friends, foes, creatures, and quests to get your teeth into!

On top of the traditional RPG fare, you can also throw your character into politics, into crafting your wildest designs, become a shopping empire mogul, support your organisations through mining and foraging, explore our high seas aboard your own ship, or take the path of the faithful and serve one of Achaea's Pantheon of Gods!


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