Death falls to those who cross the diabolical Apostate.


Apostates are diabolical scholars and ritualists in the service of Evil. These black priests spread the teachings of the Gods of Evil throughout the realm, and they also act as the spiritual pulse of Mhaldor, the city of evil. Because of their devotion to Evil, they are rarely welcome in other cities.

Death falls to those who cross the diabolical Apostate.


In days long past, the armies of Evil plotted to open a rift to the daemon planes through the torture and sacrifice of a holy guardian angel. However, the angel was resurrected and the rift closed, but not before a daemon general by the name of Morimbuul had come through the aperture. The daemon general, enraged at his entrapment on the prime material plane, threatened to destroy all around him. His summoner, a man named Xerimor, was able to subdue him, and much to the daemon general's fury, forced Morimbuul to instruct him in the daemonic arts. And thus was the class of Apostates born.

Apostates are diabolical scholars and ritualists in the service of Evil. These black priests spread the teachings of the Gods of Evil throughout the realm, and they also act as the spiritual pulse of Mhaldor, the city of evil. Because of their devotion to Evil, they are rarely welcome in other cities.


The hallmark skill of the Apostate, Apostasy is the art and science of summoning and dealing with the mighty Baalzadeens and lesser daemons. In it, you will learn to use the sentient daeggers, form a relationship with your loving Baalzadeen, and learn to summon a variety of lesser daemons into a pentagram drawn with blood. Perhaps the most feared ability of the Apostasy skill is that which allows your Baalzadeen to tear the soul from an unwilling victim.

Abilities in Apostasy

Daegger Call to your side a living, daemonic daegger to aid you.
Hunt Command your daegger to hunt your enemy.
Envenom Envenom your daegger to poison your victims.
Pentagrams Sketch an infernal pentagram, in blood.
Baalzadeen Summon your beloved Baalzadeen to do your bidding.
Taste Taste the flesh of your Baalzadeen.
Rest Order your Baalzadeen to rest.
Armour Request that your Baalzadeen grant you protection.
Horror Instill great fear into your victim with your demon's aid.
Fiend Summon a daemon fiend to attack an enemy.
Scorch Order your Baalzadeen to melt icewalls.
Presences Locate those in your local area with your Baalzadeen.
Mask Summon dark powers to mask your demonic servitor.
Sap Drain away the mana of a victim with your loving demon.
Trace Command your Baalzadeen to trace the movements of someone.
Fortify Fortify the health of your Baalzadeen with yours.
Apathy Become numb to the crushing pain of existence.
Shadowstrike Use your daegger to strike at the shadow of a victim.
Beckon Your Baalzadeen is an attractive force indeed.
Daemonite Summon forth a small daemonite to annoy your enemies.
Strip Command your demon to strip the defences from someone.
Sear Order your Baalzadeen to sear the flesh of an enemy.
Puncture Pierce another's flesh with your daegger.
Eliminate Use your daegger to tear the beating heart from a victim.
Bloodworms Summon forth a horde of these foul lesser daemons.
Blast Order your Baalzadeen to blast your enemies from the room.
Mindread Command your demon to listen to incoming tells.
Nightmare A daemonite born of the rape of the Goddess of Dreams.
Fury Cause those around you to go into an enhancing fury.
Stain Stain the soul of someone with your Baalzadeen.
Bloodpact An unholy pact with the Inferno.
Syphon Order your Baalzadeen to draw afflictions away from you.
Contemplation Perceive the state of another's mental strength.
Refuge Seek refuge in the Inferno.
Corrupt Lay low the heretics with demonic corruption.
Catharsis Perhaps their death is the greatest mercy there is.


Evileye is a skill that is perhaps related to the Curses skill used by the Shamans, albeit perhaps less powerful. With it, one may make eye contact with an opponent and give them the 'evil eye', imposing a wide variety of afflictions upon the opponent. At the high end of the ability, one learns the craft of giving multiple afflictions simultaneously. The syntax for all evil eye abilities, unless stated otherwise, is STARE .

Abilities in Evileye

Fear Instill great fear in your target.
Deaf Dampen an opponent's hearing.
Impatience Inability to concentrate on focused tasks.
Clumsy Your victim will fumble about.
Vertigo A devastating fear of heights.
Bleed Curse your opponent with uncontrollable bleeding.
Amnesia Make your victim forget what he meant to do.
Agoraphobia Fear of open spaces.
Breach Cut through an opponent's curseward.
Dizzy Causes problems when trying to move.
Claustrophobia Fear of being under cover.
Paranoia They are out to get you, believe me.
Blind Curse an opponent with blindness.
Masochism The love of your own pain.
Asthma Creates difficulty when breathing.
Deadeyes Inflict multiple ailments simultaneously.
Reckless A dangerous disregard for personal well-being.
Epilepsy Disrupt the nervous system of your victim.
Confusion Befuddle the minds of your enemies.
Peace Fill your enemy's mind with thoughts of peace.
Dementia Distorts the victim's perceptions of the world.
Sight Restoring your sight.
Sicken Bring down disease upon them.
Plague Curse someone with the voyria affliction.
Addiction Creates a terrible addiction.
Cowardice Rob the courage from a victim.
Stupid Make a victim dumb as a rock.
Manaleech A terrible curse of the mind.
Sensitivity Cause your victim to become extremely sensitive to pain.
Vomiting Upset the stomach of your enemy.
Sleep Put an enemy to sleep, or remove his sleep defences.
Anorexia A terrible condition, preventing one from eating.
Weariness Weaken the body of your opponent.
Truestare Cast the evil eye through magical shields.


Necromancy is the dark art of death magic. At the lower levels, there is an assortment of rather nefarious abilities. Soon though, the ability of Cannibalism is gained, a skill which has inspired wide-spread fear of those practicing Necromancy. Through cannibalism, a Necromancer increases his life essence, which powers the higher abilities. At the very highest level, a Necromancer gains the power to protect his very soul from death.

Abilities in Necromancy

Deathsight Attune yourself to the Underworld.
Chill Send the cold of the grave to plague an opponent.
Sense Seek out the life force of another being.
Decay Causing your opponent's flesh to decay.
Night Create darkness in the room.
Shroud Perform many actions in secret.
Screech The shriek of the banshee.
Taint Attack those with pure souls.
Feed Derive sustenance from another being.
Leech Leech away the mental energy of your target.
Lifevision Allows you to see many hidden beings.
Shrivel Cause your opponent's limbs to shrivel up.
Cannibalism Rip out and consume the heart of your victims.
Essence Sense about how much life essence you have.
Sapience Draw upon your essence to increase your mana.
Vigour Draw upon your essence to increase your health.
Putrefaction Cause your flesh to decay and melt.
Drain Drain your life essence into another Necromancer.
Belch Spew forth a noxious gas.
Deathaura Surround yourself in a miasma of evil.
Disfigure Curse someone with the visage of a rotting corpse.
Soulstorm Driving animal spirits away.
Gravehands Summon the hands of the grave to hinder your opponents.
Leprosy Spread disease to all around you.
Exterminate Destroy all plant life in a location.
Vengeance Revenge with your dying breath.
Soulspear Meld soul-matter from the dead into a physical weapon.
Transverse Cross vast distances in a single step.
Blackwind Assume the form of the deadly blackwind.
Desecration Banish the holy rites of the Bloodsworn Gods.
Vivisect Rip your victim's chest open and torture him to death.
Soulcage Harness your life essence to escape death itself.

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