The Sylvan Class


The Sylvan guild was founded in modern times by those taking knowledge from both the Druids and the Magi of Achaea. They generally hail from the forest village of Eleusis, and exhibit both a deep reverence for nature and a profound curiosity about the base workings of reality. A typical Sylvan is in love with the forests and with those beings of the forest, but beyond that, they are scholars of nature who seek to better understand how to live in harmony with it by employing the basic elements -- water, air, earth -- to help them.

In battle, the power of a Sylvan relies upon a mixture of skillsets. In the forest, a Sylvan is extremely powerful, and he is able to select a grove from which the majority of his power will flow. A Grove is a location devoted solely to a particular Sylvan or Druid, and within his Grove, a Sylvan is nigh-undefeatable. He may call down lightning, summon swarms of bees, call up an earth golem, order the very forest to rise against enemies, and even resurrect the dead.

The Sylvan has also learned the subtle art of Propagation. Through careful manipulation of the bounty of Nature the propagator may transform himself into a Viridian -- a living being of the forest, and then further alter their physical state with various cuttings of plants and herbs, granting many beneficial changes. At their most adept, the Viridian are able to cause death with naught but a single touch, and should be feared appropriately.

Outside of these, a Sylvan is able to direct the weather: through Weatherweaving they are able to direct where control is impossible. Focusing upon the elemental channels of earth, water and air, they gain in precision and power, and are rumoured to be able to unleash truly terrifying demonstrations of nature's destructive capabilities.

A Sylvan gains the skills of Groves and Propagation when joining as a fledgling, and receives Weatherweaving upon embracing class.