The Serpent Class


Serpents are often attracted to rather shady careers though there are some notable ones who have chosen a cause and fought for it their entire lives. They might be found in any city or might choose to simply roam cityless.

The skills of the Serpent are wide-ranging and powerful, though often in indirect ways. They generally fight with a whip and a dirk, or may strike with their fangs, inflicting one of dozens of venoms upon their enemies. They create and traverse a network of wormholes that criss-cross the continent, can hypnotise their opponents and plant harmful suggestions in their mind, may climb up into the treetops and traverse the forests from branch to branch, strike at a distance with the fabled Darkbows, and more. A competent Serpent is an extremely frustrating opponent to fight as well, for few can inhibit their movement well enough to keep them still for very long.