The History and Mythos of Achaea

Sarapis, the Creator.
Part 1

Achaea's Mythology

TheĀ universe is created, the Gods clash with darker powers in the Chaos Wars, and reality is forever changed in an epic that spans multiple dimensions. About 8300 words.

Part 2

The History of the Mortal Races

Read about where the original mortal races came from, how the early humans changed everything, and where the first modern civilizations formed.

The ancient city of Seleucar
Part 3

Seleucar and the Black Wave

Learn of Nikolas, Severian, ancient Seleucar and the fight for the light against the Tsol'teth of the Underrealm and their Black Wave. This epic sundered continents and shaped the world we love today.

The Seleucarian Wars
Part 4

The Seleucarian Wars of Succession

Rife with politicking, poison, and struggle, the Seleucarian Wars of Succession follow the twists and turns of evil Castomira Brangwin, the great Catarin deSangre, and romantic hero Lucaine Pyramides as they sacrificed, murdered, and betrayed in their fight for power, renown, and the crown of Seleucar.

Part 5

The Fall of Seleucar

With great power comes great responsibility, so the Achaeans of old found out. Too often does it all end in ruin.

The legacy of the Man in Grey is a murky one of subterfuge and desire, as the morals of man become muddied and bloodied in this tale of civil war.

A mighty Dala'myrr
Part 6

The Saga of the Worldreaver

The attack by Bal'met, the Worldreaver - a being of immense power from the future - was the biggest event ever to happen in Achaea, and lead to the death of over a dozen Gods, the complete destruction of Shallam - one of Achaea's two original cities - and much more.