The Gods of Achaea

The Deities who preside over the world of Achaea are known collectively as the Pantheon, and the Garden of the Gods is their seat of power.
Many of these Divinities embody esoteric macro concepts, inspiring entire ways of life, horror stories, and even moralistic tales of caution.
Some bear familial links to one another, others are unconcerned with the actions of their brethren, many view one another with a suspicion borne upon an existence of power struggle. But, without question, each Lord and Lady has an agenda, and their work is conducted by their most loyal followers, their Divine Order.

Fallen and Departed Gods

The countless years have seen triumph and tribulation in Achaea, not only for the mortal residents, but also on rare occasion, for the Gods themselves. A number of the Gods are now deceased, others are turned from Achaean life due to duty or other care. These are the fallen and departed Gods.