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9.81 Weaving

The Aldar were famed for their ability to create great works of artistic genius.

Alas, all that remains of that legacy are the remnants of the craft that were 
put to use during the War of Humanity. The art of Weaving is twofold: first 
and foremost, it is the practice of forging weapons from the substance of
Creation, calling to your hand a blade or mace and dismissing it as soon as
its work is done.
Second, it is the means by which a practitioner may begin the return to Creation
of a foe, unweaving their mortal shell and consigning them to a grim fate.
Though it is a deadly fighting style in its own right, its true potential was
only brought to light when Illarris devised the means by which to weave a copy
of her own person, a feat thought impossible until the War. Indeed, only the
greatest Aldar could grant these copies sentience (though never sapience), but
even the lowest duplicates were capable of mimicking their creator, turning a
single Weaver into an army in his or her own right.