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Weaponry is a skill available to all. Anyone may use any weapon, and any attack
with that weapon. Whether it works or not is another question! The results you
get with weapons are strongly influenced by:
(1) training, which gives you greater "weapons effectiveness," *
(2) proficiency in that weapon, and
(3) the attack used (say, using crush with a longsword).

(*) In the case of certain class skills training may also increase effectiveness. Specifics are as follows:
 - For those with Groves or Pranks, the higher of the two skills (e.g. Pranks vs Weaponry) will be used, with no benefit from the lower.
 - For those with Skirmishing, the higher skill will be used, with a bonus 10% of the effectiveness of the lower skill.
 - For those with Weaponmastery, learning weaponry will convey no benefit, as the benefits of Transcendent Weaponry are conveyed regardless (only for the purpose of "weapons effectiveness"). Further learning in Weaponmastery will convey up to 10% additional efficacy.

Weapons Effectiveness
This is a sort of general measure of how well you will use any weapon, and is
related, as noted above, to the Weaponry skill (and, for some, the
Weaponmastery, Pranks, Skirmishing, or Groves skill).

What is affected by your weapon's effectiveness?
- the chance that any weapon's attack (swing/jab/whatever) is 'a hit.'
- the chance that your 'hit' is not avoided by your target.
- the damage done.

A bit more about things related to Weapons use

All may gain proficiencies, whether skilled in weaponry or not. A
proficiency means that you have mastered a particular type of weapon, e.g.
longsword, broadsword, halberd, whip, mace, etc.

Things that make you more effective
Each weapon has three statistics that are relevent to how well it works
(these may be seen with the ability WeaponProbe):

- Damage (higher damage results in more damage to your targets)
- To-hit (higher to-hit results in fewer misses), and
- Speed  (higher speed means you recover balance more quickly).

Proficiency and Weaponry skill also contribute to your effectiveness. Higher
Weaponry results in an across-the-board increase (damage, fewer misses, quicker
balance recovery).

Weapons Attacks
There are many ways to use weapons (slash, whip, jab, crush, slice, etc).
Only some are effective with any particular weapon.  

Example: you CAN whip someone with a sword, but you won't do well.

To see the proper attacks for a particular weapon, simply PROBE it. If the
attack shows in the PROBE, then the weapon is effective with that form.