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19.14 Voting and DYAD

I. How to vote on Topmudsites.
 II. Why vote?
III. Reminding yourself to vote.
 IV. Making it easy to vote from your phone (iOS or Android)
  V. Voting on Mudconnector's top list

I. How to vote
1. In your browser go to

2. Click on the 'Click Here To Enter' box. If you don't click on that box, the vote won't count, even if Achaea thanks you for voting. (We have no way to tell if you click the box.)

 * You can vote every 12 hours. To be sure you're getting two votes counted a day, it's ideally best to vote about every 8 hours. 

 * If you have multiple people in your household voting be aware that duplicate votes from the same wifi network don't count.

 * However, note that voting via cell signal and a wi-fi network separately will both count, which is one way of dealing with the above. 

 * Same with votes from different wifi networks. Each wifi network can be used to vote twice per day.

 * It's one vote per 12 hours per network/cell signal, not per game. In other words, Topmudsites won't let you vote from the same network for different games with 12 hours. It'll just ignore the votes after the first one.

II. Why vote?
Voting for Achaea on and, to a lesser extent, other voting sites helps us get more exposure and therefore more new players, which we all want.

In case you're wondering about DYAD - we use the term "DYAD" for "Do
Your Achaean Duty" as a way to say "please, go vote for Achaea."

III. Reminding yourself to vote
This will cause you to be notified when you're connected to Achaea from a network that hasn't had a vote to any of the Iron Realms games from it in the last 12 hours. Just go to and vote when it reminds you please!

You may type VOTED in case you voted and it didn't register for some reason. Or
to disable the reminder altogether, type CONFIG VOTING OFF.

IV. Making it easy to vote from your phone

  * Go to with your browser.
  * Click the 'share' button (the little square with an arrow pointing up).
  * Select 'Add to Home Screen' from the bottom row of options.

  * Go to with your browser.
  * Click on the three little dots/hamburger menu in the upper right.
  * Select 'Add to Home Screen'

Now when you want to vote, just tap that icon on your home screen, then tap the "Vote for this site and enter" square. Boom, you just voted with two taps!

Remember that your phone can be used to vote twice a day from any wifi network and your cell signal.

V. Voting on Mudconnector's top list

There's also another list you can vote for us on that's not nearly as useful, but doesn't hurt either. This is the Mudconnector top list, and you can vote for us here:

Note that in order to vote for TMC, you have to create an account and be logged in to vote. You can see why it's not as useful of a voting list, though once you create an account it's simple enough.