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11.7.18 Valnurana, the Goddess of Sleep & Dreams

The dual realm of Sleep and Dreams is a conflicting one, with the
life-sustaining, healing nature of sleep dwelling beside the oft savage, always
unpredictable nature of dreams. Valnurana, whom it is said is the source of the
dreams of all mortalkind, has remained quietly at the centre of this paradox
since the beginnings of time, granting only a few mortals the chance of a
clearer glimpse into the mysterious Dreamrealm.

Dreams have been the subject of fascination for many through the ages, pursued
by cults, prophets, seers, scholars, and madmen. To walk the Dream can be
perilous for all, but those Valnurana accepts into Her order possess the
ability to travel safely upon its ethereal paths. They share a unique capacity
for insight, but in all other aspects, Her followers may vary to extremes.

Valnurana is associated with the rare black swan and is said to favour orchid