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12.14.1 Ulangi

Ulangi is an island off the southeastern coast of Sapience. Dominated by a large, forested mountain, the island is occupied by a colony of horkval on one side and the grook village of Ogalla on the other. Still carrying the burden of their ancestral conflict on Bandar Selat and Bandar Selam, these two settlements deeply resent one another.

Just outside the village of Ogalla lies a subterranean grotto filled with rubescent coral from the Sung Isles. It is this same coral that cradled the first tadpoles rescued by Eusia from Bandar Selat. Nurtured over generations into a massive marine bloom, the petrified flora possesses a strange and powerful psychic presence that allows all grooks to commune with their racial memories. For this reason and more, it is revered as a grook holy site.