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15.8 Triggers, Automation, and Auto (auto rat, auto fish, etc)


Triggers and automation are allowed in most cases as long as they are not used
for gaining gold or experience, or avoiding your timeout, whether you are AFK
or not. Discussing triggers is another matter worthy of attention.

Triggers and Roleplay
Triggers, although obviously a real element for players, are not a real
element for ADVENTURERS in Achaea. Sure, you may have to find ways to 
talk about them, and it is possible, if done discreetly. Keep such talk
private whenever possible, rather than on public channels. If you must
use public channels, refer to the general idea of reflexes and then please
move quickly to private discussion. Then you will help us maintain an
IC (in character: see HELP IC) atmosphere.

Auto targetting (targetting off someone else's calls) is permitted.

What is not allowed?
Auto ratting, auto fishing, auto questing, auto prospecting, auto hunting, 
(and auto pretty much everything else). This is any activity:
  1) that you automate via triggers, and
  2) that you use to gain gold or experience.
  3) actions taken on command: 
     Examples include triggered blocking on command, using line of sight
     attacks, beckoning, or any other triggered response which can be ordered
     by someone else to force others to carry out a game action. This is
     considered playing for someone else and is no longer permitted.

Basically, if you can walk away from your computer and your character will 
go on without you, there's a problem.

Auto anything is a very serious violation of our rules punishable by permanent
destruction or permanent shrubbing of the relevant adventurer.

   Just don't do it! Auto rat, auto fish, auto hunting, auto defend, 
   auto ANYTHING and you can kiss your adventurer goodbye forever.