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4.4.5 Traits

What are traits?
Traits are a way to customise your character beyond the basic choices of race
and statistics. By selecting various perks and advantages, you can enhance your
day-to-day life in Achaea from roleplay to combat to crafting. Some examples of
the benefits traits can provide are: increasing the rate at which you recover
balance, or increasing the durability of clothing that you craft.

Each trait falls into one of three categories:

        MAJOR TRAITS  - Wide-reaching combat advantages.
                      - Gained at levels 20, 50, and 80.
                      - May carry slight disadvantages.

        MINOR TRAITS  - Smaller utility or roleplay enhancing advantages.
                      - Gained at levels 30, 40, 60, 70, 90.

        RACIAL TRAITS - Special traits tied to each player race.
                      - These are granted to you automatically and do not
                        take up a trait slot.

Please note that some traits conflict with one another, or they may have
special requirements, such as a minimum level requirement or another
prerequisite trait. Not every trait is useful for every character, but there
are many to choose from.

Viewing traits
TRAIT LIST            - Bring up a list of all traits available to you.
TRAIT INFO <TRAIT>    - Show detailed information about a specific trait.

Learning traits
TRAIT SELECT <TRAIT>  - Selects a trait.*
TRAIT LIST KNOWN      - List all learned traits.

* When selecting traits at a higher level, selection goes through each level
slot sequentially, so you'd learn the level 20 trait first, then 30, 40, and so
on. Alternatively, you can specify which level slot you want a trait in with

Unlearning traits
TRAIT RESET           - Clear all trait slots.**

** All characters are granted a single TRAIT RESET. After this option has been
exhausted, you'll need to use an artefact: either a Grimoire of Adaptation or a