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24.6 Tips for becoming a better miner

1. It's easy to be a miner, but it's harder to be a profitable miner.

2. In order to be profitable, you'll need to:
   a. Pay attention to the combination of comm type and lode size when
      determining what size mine to put on a lode.
   b. Pay attention to the market cost (HELP COMMARKET) of the comm you want to

3. Attacking other mines can be worth it, but whether it's worth it or not will
   be a function of how many soldiers you lose taking it, how much is left in
   that lode, and how much is in storage in that mine.

4. Since the only way to level up your soldier squads is to run a mine with
   them in there, it's important to staff mines with a combination of soldier
   and mining squads.