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12.7.7 The Village of Nimick

The village of Nimick is a small mining town nestled in a valley between the
Shamtota Hills and Pash valley to the west, and the Siroccian Mountains to
the north.

Founded by two refugees of the Ashtan-Shallam wars, Nimick has been long
hidden from the adventurers of Sapience. Though the people have always been
aware of the goings-on of the outside world, they chose to stay safe and
protected in their village, infrequently sending villagers out into the
world to covertly trade goods, purchase supplies, and bring back tidings of
the world. They have mined expansively beneath the Siroccian Mountains to
connect to the orcish caves in the northeastern area.

The villagers are all human, apart from a mhun, a dwarf, and a goblin miner
who have left their ancestral homes and stumbled upon Nimick, each driven by
the promise of such exceptional mining conditions. While the streets are
filled with the laughter of children, there is an eerie quiet amongst the
adults who have been tortured by rumours of a beast within their mines. Many
of their miners fail to return after sending back their burros, loaded with