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12.11.3 The Tundra

The Tundra region lies in the north part of the continent. North of the
Northreach, and southwest of the polar village of Kamleikan, vast regions of 
desolate tundra stretch out to the west. However, one mountain does rise from 
its otherwise empty reaches and the shelter provided by the mountain creates
conditions supporting a variety of wildlife. This wildlife has, in turn, 
attracted a handful of villagers. Unfortunately for the villagers their 
presence has attracted large cold-weather predators such as the ice bear, 
crystal spider, and the feared wendigos. Rumour also tells of a strange ice 
wizard who has built his abode here.

The prospective adventurer to this area of the world would do well to
remember that many of the native creatures are not afraid of you. Indeed, 
they see you as lunch.