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12.10.9 The Lupine Hunting Grounds

Nestled deep within the heart of the temple of the fallen god Lupus, the Lupine Hunting Grounds are a place of unfettered savagery and unabated bloodshed. With the death of the Wildfather the grounds became barred to all but His most loyal servants, and it was these followers, chief amongst them Penelope, the Weretigress, who brought revitalisation to the domain in remembrance of their Lord.
Boasting environments and creatures from across a span of planes both known and unknown, only the fiercest of adventurers may survive the pitiless attentions of what lurks within the Hunter's prized realm. From highest peaks to lowest desert do beasts roam unimpeded, the endless story of predator and prey standing as testament and memorial to the glory of the First Predator.
It is said there is no place more sacred for those who come in good faith to learn the ways of Lupus, what remains of His pack welcomes these individuals to fan the spark of ferality and observe with them rites red in tooth and claw. Woe to those who would besmirch the memory of the God of Beasts however, for the Pack's claws are long, and their memory is longer.