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12.14.5 The Isle of Erymanthus

The Isle of Erymanthus floats high in the clouds, created by Vastar long
ago as a home for His creation, the race of Atavians. It is protected by
a magical barrier from the harsh cold of the height. An enchanted
archway provides the only known passage through the barrier, connecting
the isle with the continent of Sapience. Mount Erymanthus, the
Erymanthian Woods, and Lake Stymphalus are the prominent geographical
features of the isle. The marble city of Arcadia and a temple to Vastar
are located high upon Mount Erymanthus. To reach the Isle, one must
climb to the peak of Mount Nicator in the Southern Vashnars and call out
the name Arcadia.

(see also HELP ARCADIA)