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8.2.19 The Grand Merchant Collective

Embracing the principles of mercantilism and diversity, the Grand Merchant
Collective is a progressive House headquartered on the isle of Delos.

The House has its humble roots in Hashan, where it was founded as a society of
Magi and known as the Guild of Sorcerers. With the passing of the Age of
Guilds, they transformed and flourished as a Hashani House, the Merchants of
the Crown, widening their embrace in the hopes of uniting all merchants of
Achaea under one banner. With time their goals stretched further than the
confines of a single city, and in 633 A.F. the House struck out from the
security and protection of Hashan to forge a new, independent path.

The strength of the Collective is a direct result of its diverse membership:
merchants come from myriad backgrounds and economic stations, all possessing
varying skills in the fields of trade and commerce. By expanding and sharing
that knowledge, members of the Collective assist their peers not only through
the accumulation of individual fortunes, but by raising the House to a powerful
economic force in the global arena. The Grand Merchant Collective propels those
with motivation and drive to a life of success. Through hard work and
initiative, all who invest in the future of the House are rewarded with the
opportunity to rise as an esteemed Master Merchant.