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18.1 The Calendar and Time


The Achaean calendar as we know it predates the rise of Nicator, although of
course years are now numbered from the fall of the Seleucarian Empire.

There are 12 Achaean months with 25 days in each month. The months are:

 1) Sarapin    (mid-winter)         7) Valnuary   (mid-summer)
 2) Daedalan   (late winter)        8) Lupar      (late summer)
 3) Aeguary    (early spring)       9) Phaestian  (early autumn)
 4) Miraman    (mid-spring)        10) Chronos    (mid-autumn)
 5) Scarlatan  (late spring)       11) Glacian    (late autumn)
 6) Ero        (early summer)      12) Mayan      (early winter)


Display a table of the Achaea calendar for the current game year. If MXP is enabled, each date can be clicked on to automatically convert to real time (this is in GMT!) If NEXT is specified, shows the following game year!

Achaean Time vs. That Other Context (*)

Achaea                      That Other Context
------                      ------------------
1 Year                      ~ 300 hours (about 12 and a half days)
1 Month                     ~ 25 hours
1 Day                       ~ 1 hour

That Other Context (*)      Achaea
----------------------      ------
1 year                      ~ 29 years
1 month                     ~ over 2 years
1 day                       ~ 24 days
1 hour                      ~ 1 day

(* That Other Context - what some call 'real life', or what is referred to in
the output of the TIME and DATE commands as 'your world')

(See also HELP DATE)