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23.21 Ship Trading

What is Ship Trade?
Transferring large amounts of goods from one location to another is a very
important function. Luckily, Achaeans have discovered the perfect method to
accomplish this task: ships! Using the cargo holds on their vessels,
adventurers are able to ferry merchandise from one harbour to another.

Due to supply and demand, a thriving trade-based economy has emerged across
Sapience, based on the trade and transfer of goods via ship.

What's in it for me?
Due to the cost and scarcity of ships, there are many out there who are willing
to pay handsomely should an enterprising adventurer decide to help them out.
Gold, items, ammunition, especially valuable cargo and more are all possible
rewards for helping out the right people. Of course, there is always the good
feeling of helping out those around you!

How Can I Get Involved?
All you need to get started in the lucrative world of trading is a manned ship
that you are able to captain!

Once you've got a ship, it's time to find some work. Man-made harbours may
offer trade deals, which you may choose to accept on behalf of your ship. By
purchasing and trading the proper cargo, you may complete the deal and receive
the offered reward.

Ship Cargo
The basis of ship trade is cargo, i.e. the goods being bought, sold and

The current cargo held aboard a ship can be viewed by the ship's captain via

Many types of cargo can be obtained in only a small handful of places, due to
the requirements of their production. This cargo can be purchased or traded at
man-made harbours.

Due to their finite size, ships are able to only hold a certain amount of
cargo. Small ships hold less, large ships hold more. Currently, ships can hold
the following amounts:

Ship Type       Amount

Windcutter      75
Seastrider      100
War Galley      150

If necessary, a ship's captain can order all cargo be tossed overboard with the
command SHIP TRADE CARGO DUMP. However, this should be done with care, as it is

Trade Deals
The goal of ship trade is the completion of trade deals, or the delivery of
specific cargo to a certain harbour in exchange for a reward.

Man-made harbours may offer up to one deal at a time. The deals offered by a
harbour may change each Serenade. Deals must be accepted by a ship before
they can be undertaken, and a ship can only accept one deal at a time.
Additionally, only one deal may be completed per Serenade period.

If a harbour is offering a deal, it will be visible via HARBOUR INFO from
either a ship docked there, or from the harbour itself.

A ship's captain can view its current trade deal via SHIP TRADE DEAL SHOW, and
can cancel it via SHIP TRADE DEAL CANCEL.

When docked at a harbour offering a deal, a ship's captain may SHIP TRADE DEAL
ACCEPT, accepting the deal for the ship.

When docked at a harbour for which a ship has accepted a deal, its captain may
SHIP TRADE DEAL COMPLETE, which will unload the proper cargo and grant the
captain (or the ship) its reward.

Trade Exchanges
Ship cargo is obtained from harbours via trade exchanges. It may either be
purchased from the harbour with gold, or traded with other cargo.

If a harbour is offering any exchanges, it will be visible via HARBOUR INFO
from either a ship docked there, or from the harbour itself.

Exchanges in which cargo is purchased using gold, the exchange info will
indicate the amount of gold required to purchase a given amount of cargo. Cargo
is purchased using SHIP TRADE PURCHASE <amount> <cargo>, by the captain. Gold
is deducted from the ship's strongbox.

Exchanges in which cargo is traded will indicate the amount of cargo needed to
be given up, and the amount of cargo obtained in the exchange. Exchanges of
this sort are performed by the ship's captain via SHIP TRADE EXCHANGE <amount>
<old cargo> FOR <new cargo>.

When buying or exchanging cargo, several conditions must be met. First, your
ship must have enough gold or cargo to complete the exchange. Second, your
ship's hold must have enough room to contain the new cargo.

The third condition involves the ratio of cargo being exchanged. When
purchasing cargo, the amount purchased must be a multiple of the offered amount
in HARBOUR INFO. When exchanging cargo, the cargo being given away must be a
multiple of the amount indicated in HARBOUR INFO. For example, if a harbour is
offering the exchange "Receive 3 silk in exchange for 100 gold," then the
amount purchased must be a multiple of three. Similarly, if a harbour offers
the exchange "Receive 3 gems in exchange for 2 silk," then the amount of silk 
traded away must be a multiple of 2.

Completion of a trade exchange results in the removal of either cargo or gold
(from the ship's strongbox), and the addition of new cargo to the ship's hold.

Syntax Summary



SHIP TRADE PURCHASE <amount> <cargo>
SHIP TRADE EXCHANGE <amount> <old cargo> FOR <new cargo>