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23.11 Ship Rescues

In rare situations, such as the sudden departure of a ship's captain, you may
find yourself in need of rescue. This can be done at great cost and under
severe limitations!

Obtain a Token of Charybdis which has been etched by a suitably skilled person
('etch' ability in Seafaring), or, if need-be, directly from Captain
Maelstrom who has them at exorbitant prices. If you want to etch one, and have
the ability to do so, blanks (unetched tokens) can be purchased from the same

With Token of Charybdis in hand, assuming you are on a ship(!), you are ready
to proceed: SHIP RESCUE ME!

This will take a rather long time (to summon the spirit of Charybdis, the
whirlpool, to rescue you to the location etched on the coin), and will cost you
more than half of your total endurance and willpower. It is usable at most once
per Achaean month.