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23.18 Ship Cabins


Ships may have cabin expansions - virtually identical to private homes found
outside of subdivisions - by creating a house in the ship's cabin. The costs
are double the basic in-subdivision costs, which makes them identical to
out-of-subdivision houses. Organisations can also place cabin expansions in
organisation-owned ships. Ships cabins are limited to vessel and urban

Can Cabins Have Doors?
Yes, cabins can have doors, if and ONLY if a cabin expansion (a private or
org-owned house) is added to the cabin. You must create the house first and
then you will be able to add a door on any room of that house in the normal

How Big Can a Cabin Expansion Be?
A cabin expansion (a private or org-owned house) is limited by the size of the
ship it is built in. The limit to the number of rooms that may be added in a
ship's cabin relates to the size of the ship, 1 to 1.

A ship of size 2, such as a Windcutter, can have a 2-room cabin expansion. A
ship of size 5, such as a Seastrider, can have a 5-room cabin expansion.

       Maximum Size of Cabin
        Expansion, in Rooms

War Galley     10
Seastrider      5
Windcutter      2