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11.7.14 Sartan, the Malevolent

Sartan, the Malevolent is the Divine embodiment of Evil, the fusion of the
Elder God Shaitan and the slain God Apollyon. Balanced in His remorselessness
and cruelty, the God of Evil is one of the most feared beings in all of Achaea.
He has made public the Seven Truths of Evil, the keystones to the mortal
attainment of perfection. They are as follows:

The First: What is called evil is simply the drive for advancement, for
greatness. We seek, through discipline and pain, to spur the advancement of
nothing less than sentient life.

The Second: Cruelty - the application of pain - is the method by which one
weeds out the weak and feeble-minded from the population.

The Third: Weakness must be eliminated in all its forms: Physical, Mental, 
and Spiritual.

The Fourth: The enemies of strength are those who trumpet the effeminate values
of forgiveness, tolerance, and laxity of discipline.

The Fifth: The body may be made stronger through combat.

The Sixth: The mind may be made stronger through the elimination of conscience.
One does this by inflicting pain on others.

The Seventh: The spirit may be made stronger by enduring hardships, both
self-imposed and externally-imposed.

Through the application of these Seven Truths does the Malevolent Lord demand
perfection of His faithful. He commands His chosen from the mountain
city-fortress of Mhaldor, quenching His bloodlust with all who dare stand
between Him and the inevitable dominion of Evil over all.