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18.2.3 Reminders

The reminder system exists to allow adventurers to set an in-game reminder on a
certain date. 

REMINDER LIST        - List all reminders.
REMINDER SET <day> <monthname> <year> [REPEATING] <reminder>
                     - Set a new reminder. Specifying REPEATING
                       will have the reminder fire on that day
                       and month every year.
                     - Set a repeating reminder to fire after a delay.
REMINDER SHOW <id>   - Show the details of a specific reminder.
REMINDER DELETE <id> - Remove a reminder from the system.

The message will be shown shortly after the day changes if you're online at the
time, or sent via a message if you're not in the realms.

Each person may have up to 10 reminders set at any one time.

REMINDER EXPAND      - Add another slot to your reminders list.
                     - Costs 50 lessons.