Achaea Help Files

Achaea has hundreds of help files to you learn about Achaea. This is a copy of the in-game help file structure. HELP in-game will show you this same menu.



When you are born into Achaea, you will be born as one of the mortal races:
Dwarf, Human, Mhun, Troll, Tsol'aa, Atavian, Horkval, Grook, Rajamala, Xoran,
Siren (female only), Satyrs (male only), and Tash'la. You may gain information on the specific races with HELP <race>.

Each race has four basic statistics and four optional specialisations.

HELP <racename> will show you these.

Strength     : related to the physical damage you can do.
Dexterity    : related to how well you dodge attacks (along with avoidance).
Constitution : related to your maximum endurance and health/hit points.
Intelligence : related to your maximum willpower and mana level, as well
               as how much damage your magical attacks do.

After reaching level 10, an adventurer has the option to embrace one of four 
racial archetypes, called specialisations, to further customise his or her 
character. Upon selecting a specialisation, you will receive an additional two
points in one statistic at the cost of one point in another.

See HELP <racename> and HELP SPECIALISATION for more on this.

Each race has a racial trait associated with it, giving some unique bonuses or
abilities that are automatically available to all members of that race. You can
view HELP <race name> to see information about a race's unique trait.

If you find yourself unhappy with your race, you have available to you, once in
your lifetime, a free reincarnation. While dead, you must journey to the Flame
of Yggdrasil, and REINCARNATE INTO <race>. Doing so allows you to choose a new
race. You must be dead to reincarnate.

In past times, the humans, who built most of modern civilization, refused entry
into their society to the non-human races. In the time of Nicator the Empire
and the Church both accepted all races. This tradition of racial tolerance has
continued to the present.

The history of the specific races may be found in the Achaean Mythology and the
History of the Mortal Races (on the website and in the help files in the
History section). A minisummary of the origins of each race is below:

Tsol'aa : Eldest of the mortal races; created by Sarapis.
Dwarf   : Created by Phaestus, given souls by Sarapis.
Human   : Product of the rape of the Aldar Maya by the Unnamable Horror.
Troll   : Product of unions between human women and Gruul (captain of
          Prospero's mercenaries of Arn) and his Arcanian elite forces.
Mhun    : Evolutionary off-shoot of Humans.
Atavian : A race of Humans who long ago were granted wings by Vastar, 
          allowing them to fly.
Rajamala: Tiger-men that fought at Nishnatoba under the command of Agatheis.
Horkval : An insectoid race that fought at Nishnatoba under Aegis.
Grook   : An amphibious race of high intelligence.
Xoran   : A lizard-like race. It's said that powerful Xorani can breathe fire.
Siren   : A race of beautiful humanoids, Sirens are able to make males fall in
          love with them.
Satyr   : Satyrs have the upper bodies of men and the legs of a powerful
          goat. Often jovial, Satyrs are fond of parties.
Tash'la : A race of boar-like humanoids with crystalline features, originating
          from a far off plane.
Fayad   : A race born from the union of Oberion, King of the Fairies and 
          the Dryad Queen Titania

If you are looking for members of your own race, RACEWHO (or just RWHO) will
show you people online, who are visible to you, of your race.