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7.27 Quivers

Quivers allow you to store your arrows in a convenient location that has an 
added benefit of preventing your arrows from decaying. For ease of use, you can also dye and envenom arrows that are in a quiver.

  - Put some arrows in your quiver

 OUTQ|OUTQUIVER [<amount>] [<colour>] ARROW[S]
  - Remove some arrows from your quiver

  - View the arrows in your quiver

 DYE # ARROWS <colour>
  - Dye a certain number of arrows a particular colour.

 ENVENOM ARROWS <colour> <venom>
  - Envenom a particular colour of arrows.

  - Switches to a particular set of arrows that will be used next on SHOOT.

How Many Arrows Can A Quiver Hold?
 - Regular quivers can hold 500 arrows.
 - Artefact Dragonskin quivers can hold 1000 arrows and 10 meteor arrows.
 - Artefact Celestial quivers can hold 1000 arrows and 50 meteor arrows.

Are Quivers Safe?
Yes, quivers are very safe. Not only do they prevent your arrows from
decaying, but they also keep your arrows safe even if your quiver decays.
Just get a new quiver, and you will have access to your previous quiver's
contents as if nothing had happened.

What Colour Can I Dye Arrows?

Available colours for dyeing arrows are as follows:

Black, blue, gold, green, grey, orange, purple, red, silver, and white.