Achaea Help Files

Achaea has hundreds of help files to you learn about Achaea. This is a copy of the in-game help file structure. HELP in-game will show you this same menu.


Sometimes it is difficult to organise the communication and activities between
different members of an organisation, be it city, House, order, etc. People are
often not in the realms at the same time or have a hard time knowing what their
fellow members are doing. The project system attempts to alleviate some of this
difficulty. It aims to provide a way in which the members of an organisation
can communicate what is going on and who is in charge of it (so people may
contact them for more information).

Projects are created by leaders of an organisation (or someone with creation
permissions) and each project is assigned a 'leader'. This leader is then able
to update information regarding the project (such as its name or completion
status) as well as add notes so that members know what the project is about.
Two people always have access to modify and/or delete a project: The
organisation leader (can affect ANY project), and the project's leader (can
only affect his own project).

   *** The following commands are used to view projects

   PROJECTS [BY <person>] [IN <group pattern>]

      Display a list of projects that are visible to you. Eg. "PROJECTS BY
      AEYR" or "PROJECTS IN ashtan" or "PROJECTS IN a*". PROJECTS by itself
      displays every project. (The BY and IN clauses are optional).

   PROJECT <id>

      Display detailed information on a specific project; including the
      name, status, and description.

   *** These are used by organisation leaders and project leaders to
       create/modify/delete a project

   PROJECT NEW IN <group> NAMED <name>

      Create a new project in <group> (must be specified, because you can
      belong to more than one) with the given name. This can only be done
      by the organisation leader. Once it is created, the project leader
      may be set.

   PROJECT <id> SET <property> <value>

      This is used to change information about the project. Available
      properties are: 'name', 'status', 'info', and 'leader'. Leader is
      only settable by the organisation leader. Name is what is displayed
      in the project listing. Status is a short description of the current
      status of the project (such as "Planning", "80% Complete",
      "Finished", etc). Info is a long description of what the project is
      about. Basically any information that others need to know. Examples:
         PROJECT 1 SET status planning
         PROJECT 1 SET leader


      This will allow you to edit the 'info' property via the Achaea
      composer. Use this when you need some special formatting or are
      setting it to something quite lengthy. 


      This will remove the project from all records. Only usable by an
      organisation or individual project's leader.


      Display a list of the groups you are in and what level of access
      you have. It is either 'Normal' or 'FULL'. FULL indicates you can
      create projects in that group.