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12.4.3 Outer Islands

The Outer Islands, as they are known, are a group of islands related to each other only by virtue of being fairly distant from the continent of Sapience. No ferries run to them, and some abilities like Dragoncraft's "Pierce the Veil", Angel/Demon Summon, Grove Isolation and Domination's Xenophage won't function from there, or from ships that are docked in the harbor of one of these islands.

However, the experience gained from hunting on these islands is markedly higher than on the mainland.

The islands that make up the Outer Islands are:

Ageiro, Tuar, Tapoa, Karbaz, Colchis, Clockwork Isle, the Ilyrean Isles, Prasset, Prin, Umbrin, Zaphar, and Zanzibaar.