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12.13.1 Oceans of Achaea

The vast and unconquered oceans of Achaea cover most of the known world.
There are four known oceans.

The Eusian Ocean is to the east of Sapience. Many islands in the Eusian are
friendly to intrepid sailors. Indeed, the Eusian Ocean is where the modern
age of seafaring first began. Among the scattered isles are the ruins of
once-powerful merfolk cities, while further still to the east lie the
still-powerful triton empires, brooding and watching the land with
disdainful eyes.

The Eusian Ocean holds or borders the Lothian Reaches (by the Bay of Dardanos),
the Cnidian Gates northeast of Tasur'ke, the eponymous Riparian Reaches, the
Scyrian Reaches eastward of the Riparian Reaches, the Lemnian Sea off the
southeast coast, and the Phocian Reaches farther eastward of there. The great
Bay of Dardanos in the north/northeast of Sapience also borders on the Eusian

The tempestuous and tropical Notic Ocean is to the south of Sapience.
Unpredictable storms and ferocious sea monsters are the traits of this
ocean, while captains must also battle through strangely shifting chops. The
Sea of Screamed Prayers lies to the south of the Vashnars, a terrible place
typical of the Notic. Rumours abound of a long and jagged coast on the other
side of this ocean, half-glimpsed in the few lulls in the eternal storms of
this sea.

The Sefyric Ocean is to the west of the mainland, and is truly vast and
seemingly empty. Massive forests of seaweed break the monotony of this
ocean, while the undersea is frantic with life. Far beyond this ocean,
beyond storm and current and fell beasts from the deep, is rumoured to lie
the legendary land of Kashar. The smaller Sapphire Sea is within this ocean,
north of Ashtan, while the Sea of Terror lies between the isles of Mhaldor
and Polyargos. Breathless Bay, a small bay northwest of the Sapphire
Sea, is also nearby, with the Teeth of Borak rather farther north.

The Borean Ocean is the frozen northern sea. Remote and isolated, reaching
the Borean Ocean requires immense skill and patience. Once there,
mysterious, long-forgotten places can be found to tempt the foolhardy
explorer. The Borean is harsh and unforgiving, so sailors must be well
prepared before venturing to its icy waters. 

The Caspiite Reaches border both the Borean and Eusian Oceans.