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11.8.21 Mithraea, Goddess of the Sun

The Goddess Mithraea was slain in battle by Sycaerunax, the Father of Dragons,
in 611 AF.

Mithraea was born through the melding of primal fire, extraordinary mortal
faith and dedication, and the will of the Logos. From Her celestial throne, She
watched the movements of mortals and divine alike and was especially fascinated
by the mortal drive and ability to overcome even the greatest of odds. Though
many seemingly insurmountable forces align against them, some still perservere.
Mithraea enjoyed fostering this trait in mortals and has a great interest in
seeing mortalkind as a whole reach its full potential.

She also had a strong affinity to life, and wished to see it flourish in all
its varied forms. This does not mean She had a distaste for death as it is a
natural conclusion to life, but She abhorred needless destruction and mindless
brutality. She was commonly known as Lady Sol, but at times was referred to as
the Watcher since there was very little the sun does not see. The symbols most
commonly associated with Her were a mithril sunburst, an unblinking eye, and a
couchant lion.