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11.8.17 Matsuhama, God of Combat

The God Matsuhama was slain in battle in 610 AF by Bal'met, the Worldreaver.

Little was documented about the Lord of Combat since the conquest over the
Triumvirate and the forces of the Inferno. There were stories told among
warriors of a handsome man, who had been seen wandering battlefields and
slaughtering entire armies single-handedly, while other tales told of a man who
would appear from thin air, flanked by a phalanx of four-armed armoured men,
all prepared to rush into the conflict, only to stand and observe the outcome
of the battle before vanishing just as mysteriously as they appeared. Other
fables spoke of a lone man who travelled battlefields, healing the fallen so
they could rise again and continue to fight.

Of all the stories, whether they be myth or fact, one thing always remained
constant and true about Matsuhama, and that was His passion for combat. He took
great pleasure in combat, whether it was participating in a great battle among
armies, a single match against a lone foe, or observing skilled warriors.