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11.8.16 Makali, Goddess of Destruction

Makali, Goddess of Destruction, is the conscious divine embodiment of the
principle of destruction, whether that destruction be material, ethereal, or
symbolic in nature.
She may come as gentle as a slow dawning of realisation to a man deep in
meditation, or with all the force of a volcanic eruption or planets colliding
in the deepness of space. One edge of Her blade cuts with dissolution, loss and
separation, the other: renewal and transformation.
Most mortals who have had no experience with the Goddess of Destruction often
fall into two broad categories. The first (and more common) may fear and
despise Her, suffering the delusion that the principle of destruction is 
somehow anathema to the principle of creation. Others may seek Her out under 
the assumption that the formidable powers of destruction are merely for 
harnessing to service their own personal goals and interests.
Only a remaining few of those who seek Her will be capable of comprehending the
primal nature of the Goddess of Destruction, and a smaller number of those
still will ever find Her. Her teachings are not easy ones for mortals who, 
cursed with the limited conceptions of the less-than-immortal but the more-
than-unconscious, cling to illusions of permanence in a reality pulsating with 
constant flux.  

In the year 395 A.F., Makali, Goddess of Destruction, was merged with the
goddess Maya, Mother of Humanity. Through this union She became Maya, the
Great Mother, Supreme Creatrix.

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