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5.20.1 Losing Infamy

It takes time for infamy to be lost, though it does happen. Even the
'near-permanent infamous' can, over time, eventually lose their infamy and
become model citizens.

How long does this take?  That depends. In the chart below, approximations are
given. Please note that this represents solid presence in the realms, not just
the passage of calendar time. You see? 'Near-permanent' is a fairly accurate
description, isn't it?

If you are                      It will take about this long *actively*
one of these:                   in the realms to lose your Infamy
------------------------        ---------------------------------------
near-permanent Infamous         about 10   Achaean months
staggeringly Infamous           about 8    Achaean months
entrenched Infamous             about 6    Achaean months
inveterately Infamous           about 4    Achaean months
solidly Infamous                about 3    Achaean months
Infamous                        about 4    Achaean days
rapidly approaching             about 2    Achaean days

Infamy is reduced at a rate about one tenth of the above if you are
not actively in the realms. In other words, it takes about ten times
as long as what is listed above.

Infamy will also decay at a slower rate while you are logged in, if you are within a protected city.