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4.3.1 Life Enhancing Aura


You may, from time to time, notice a life enhancing aura in your list of
defences. This is a free gift, bestowed by the Gods as they see fit. It
is all of grace, granted without regard to worth, for indeed, none could do
enough to earn such a gift by mortal means.

There is no requirement that you DYAD - Do Your Achaean Duty - in order to get
this amazing benefit. If you do DYAD, that's great, and we appreciate it, but
it won't help you get the life enhancing aura. If you don't DYAD, it won't take
away or lessen the life enhancing aura. We'll be grateful for your vote as
noted in HELP DYAD, but this is not related in any way.

The effect generally lasts till the end of the current Achaean month, granting
that all under its beneficial ministrations will profit more greatly from every