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6.20 Levels of Experience


A level, or level of experience, is a way to talk about or describe how
experienced and capable someone is. Experience may be gained from performing
quests and through success in combat. As you increase in experience, your
level, or level of experience, will also rise, starting at level 1. 

To see your current level of experience, use SHOW LEVEL or SCORE.

Levels Aren't Circles
Some people like to call levels of experience 'circles.' You can call levels of
experience whatever you want, in the end, but just know that the term here is
'level' or 'level of experience.' That's the name and usage ordained by the

Lessons and Credits
Any time you gain a level, you will receive 5 lessons. Anytime you lose one,
you will lose 5 lessons. See HELP LESSONS for more information. If you go below
0 lessons, you won't be able to use/spend lessons on learning until you come
above 0 again.

At obtaining certain levels for the first time, you will also gain a number of
Bound Credits:

Level         Bound Credits
-----         -------------
  7                5
 10                6
 15                7
 20                8

Continuing on up every 5 levels to level 95 for 23 bound credits, then jumping
by two at level 100 for 25 bound credits.

See HELP CREDITS for information on Bound Credits and how you can use them.

Shouting Voice
Further, as you progress in the hierarchy of levels, your shouting voice will
change and grow more powerful. When you reach level 80, your need for sleep and
for food will completely disappear.

The Big Payoff
Upon reaching level 99, you will gain the ability to change into a Dragon,
granting you new powers and extra health.