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12.5.20 Lake Dakhota

Nestled in the heart of the Dakhota Hills, Lake Dakhota is a freshwater 
reservoir fed by tributaries of the nearby Pachacacha River. The steep hills
dissuaded outside interference for years until a trail was found in 806 AF and
the corrupted marsh revealed to adventurers. 

The site of arcane experimentation, Lake Dakhota's wildlife has been mutated -
wicked caimans, zombie snakes, and hypnotic fireflies are but some of the 
strange residents of the mysterious basin. Near the lake and long since rotted,
the ragged ruins of a shack are the only signs of civilisation in the wetlands.

Below the rabble and rubble, underwater tunnels wind through the ancient 
barrows that pocket the Dakhota Hills, the decrepit hollows surely undisturbed
for centuries.